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Allow us to help you discover Freiburg mobility with the City Starter pack: Find helpful information about your bus, tram, bike, car-sharing, car and taxi options – and how to get around on foot, too. Freiburg traffic planning embraces all forms of transport and helps you combine them to best effect.

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Public transport is fast, cheap, easy to understand and available to everyone. Freiburg passenger figures reveal that this basic principle has become firmly established in people's everyday habits: Statistically, virtually every Freiburg resident uses the bus or tram at least once a day.
For four out of five Freiburg residents: the nearest Freiburger Verkehrs AG (VAG) bus or tram stop is not more than 500 metres from their doorstep. There's no real need for a timetable if you're on the go in Freiburg during the day – the longest you might wait for a tram is just ten minutes (lines 2 and 4). Line 1 even runs every six minutes during the day. Most passengers travel between the town hall in the Stühlinger neighbourhood and Bertoldsbrunnen. With four lines travelling in parallel here, passengers can board a tram every two minutes along this section.
20 public transport companies have joined together to form the Regional Public Transport Association of Freiburg (RVF or Regio-Verkehrsverbund Freiburg): Between Auggen, Herbolzheim, Breisach and Löffingen all the timetables are coordinated and the fares are standardised. The best known RVF product is the “RegioKarte” (RegioTicket). It is valid on all buses and trams in the area covered by the association – exactly like the REGIO24 ticket or the SemesterTicket, for example.
At the Customer Centres and sales points, via the app, online, at the stop or after boarding: There are so many options for purchasing bus and tram tickets in Freiburg.
More information about buying tickets is available here.
During the summer months, buses with extra room for bikes serve popular day trip destinations in the Black Forest – the mountain Feldberg, for example. Passengers travel by train to the bike-bus departure points. You can also travel to SC Freiburg matches – both home and away games – without using your car. Hiking and day trip buses will take you to some of the most beautiful spots in the region – and not only those who are new in Freiburg. For further information please see "Bus Lines" at
RegioKarte (RegioTicket)
One ticket for the entire area covered by the association. Pays off if you make as few as three return trips in the city per week. Available as a monthly or annual ticket, for personal use, transferable use or as an easy-to-use season ticket.

Gives students a whole semester of access to the entire area covered by the association.
Einzelfahrschein (Single ticket)
For occasional travel.

PunkteKarte (Points Ticket)
The right ticket for every price level. 3, 5 or 7 points? Simply stamp your ticket – and save.

2x4 FahrtenKarte (2x4-journey ticket)
8 trips for the price of 7. Can be used by multiple passengers.
One day's travel beyond the area covered by the association: The economical add-on ticket for RegioTicket and SemesterTicket holders. Valid across the whole of the southern Baden region.

24 hours of mobility in Freiburg or the entire area covered by the association - ideal for groups, too.
Further information on bus and tram is available here.
"It occurred to me while I was out biking around", said Albert Einstein of his theory of relativity. Well, Freiburg residents are pretty intelligent, too … and the city is perfect for getting around by bike. It is largely flat, the distances are quite short and the weather is mild. As a means of transport, bikes are quiet, space-saving and do not produce any exhaust emissions. So when you travel by bike, you are contributing to the quality of life in Freiburg.
Further information on travelling by bike is available here.
On average, a mid-range car generates fixed costs of around 300 euros per month - and that's before it's been driven a single kilometre. Car-sharing is a cost-effective alternative for anyone who doesn't use a car on a daily basis, or who drives fewer than 10,000 kilometres per year.

Select supplier 
Complete agreement
  • Use the appropriate form to register
  • Sign agreement locally
  • Pay damage deposit if required  

Obtain chip/chip card
  • It locks and unlocks vehicle door 

Book vehicle
  • via booking platform or telephone

  • Operate on-board computer as instructed by announcement or display
  • Key is usually located in glove compartment
  • If you break your journey, lock vehicle with key
  • At your final destination lock vehicle with chip / chip card 

Refuelling or charging
  • When fuel display indicates less than ¼
  • Fuel card is located inside the vehicle 
  • Or: Connect e-vehicle to charging station. Electricity is included

  • Invoice is forwarded by email or post
  • Debited from account
More information about car-sharing is available here.
The big buzzword used to be "eco-friendly". These days there's an extra new aspect: Freiburg aims to keep traffic as "city-friendly" as possible. That means: For many people, a car is important and indispensable. But the goal is to reduce to a minimum the impact of cars on the urban environment and life in the city.
Simply follow the parking guidance system. Dynamic displays keep drivers informed about free spaces in each of the seven car parks. Parking fees in the Freiburg car parks are between 80 cents and 2.50 euros per hour – depending on proximity to the city centre.
For further information, please visit .
Park your car for free at any of the six "Park & Ride" sites.
Further information on P&R is available here.
… stands for "Park & Share". Located at the three access points to the A5 motorway, these spaces are ideal for commuter car clubs. Cars not used for the shared commute can be parked here until the evening. Parking is free.
You live in Freiburg, but don't have a garage or private parking? In some districts, you can apply for a residents parking permit online, in writing or in person. The permit entitles you to park in any free space within a designated area. It costs 30 euros per year.
Further information about residential parking is available at
Smörrebröd and gingerbread ... what does the food at a Swedish furniture retailer have to do with mobility? The question may sound silly. But be assured - it isn't. The concept of a "city of short distances" has been a focal element of urban town planning since the 1980s.
Further information about getting around on foot is available here.
It can be difficult getting around without your own car. Wouldn't it be great to be able to call a taxi? For city dwellers keen to do the environment and their budget a favour by not having their own car, it's another good option for occasional travel. Late in the evening, for example, when the last tram has already left, or when you have some major shopping to do, or a large item to transport.
Further information about taxi services is available here.
Sounds familiar? Ideally, you'd like to travel to work using a combination of bike and tram – but you're not keen on leaving your bike unprotected at the tram stop? Parking spaces are expensive and hard to find, running your own car is a burden – but you don't want to give up the mobility of a at the weekend?

Staying mobile in a flexible, eco-friendly way is undoubtedly part of the modern culture of life in the city – especially in Freiburg. Which is why Freiburger Verkehrs AG groups together different transport operators under the FREI.MOBIL brand. What that means: FREI.MOBIL keeps you fully informed about current bus, tram, bike, car-sharing and taxi options throughout the entire city. This website explains the best ways of combining public transport with car-sharing, beautiful running routes or lockable bike boxes. FREI.MOBIL members also receive attractive vouchers and discounts from various transport providers.

Further information about FREI.MOBIL is available here.
You'll find the form to apply to join FREI.MOBIL here.


This website offers you a jump start to help you get around in Freiburg. To set you off on the right foot, the VAG, the city of Freiburg and many other partners have joined forces to provide an extended City Starter Pack with flyers and brochures to download.

The Freiburg local

“The best thing about local public transport:
I have a bit of time for myself.”

A family on bikes

“When cars also give way to bikes
– that’s Freiburg!”

The car-sharer

“I don’t have to pay for tax,
breakdowns or a change of tyres!”